Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Major Brandish

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Artist: Major Brandish
Title: Rough and Rugged Road
Label: ShartyB Records
Genre: Reggae / Dub

Brandish as once again placed his eyes on the prize after a couple of years from the Americas. His immersion from this short stay away had he developed a professional recording with his long time Canadian producer

The song is taken from the RAGGY ROAD album a compilation of dance hall and roots reggae music with the steady beat of the one-drop drum. This featured track as two versions a STRAIGHT and a DUB mix, on
the survival run composed/ Rhythm by Mackendy Dorcilhomme of Canada produced and released on the ShartyB label.

This track tries to highlight the struggles youths of today faces in a global market place without the
assistance of positive political-economical strategy within communities. Ragged road musical composition was recorded at Tuff Gong studio Kingston Jamaica engineered by Gary, mixed and remastered by Arif Cooper. Brandish stayed the journey to walk the road to reap the fruit of a seed that was planted from a very young age.

The fourth of five children from a regular Jamaican community known as Rock-fort Waurika Hill overlooking Kingston harbour. At the age of fifteen he wrote his first song ZUM which went through the regular channel which requires money; however is philosophy was, time is money and therefore money is time, so he chooses to take
his time. In 1996 MB decided to make music his reality by entering the Tastee Talent contest as most genuine inner-city youth would have started. A group of five which includes him was the Cha-cha Cha-cha dancers, they were placed fourth which inspire him to continue. Then over the years, he managed to attain experience, contact and a name for himself Brandish or Major brandish to be exact.

Brandish as always kept a monitoring eye on the music fraternity, just waiting for the right time to make his move. Song like POOR LIFE, PULL OVER, SUMMER SWING, FLASS, and TPPY WINE has kept him within striking distance of his goal. His performances as always been a 100% attracting momentum and desire for music and performance, it’s all about entertainment singing, dancing and interaction with the fans. Brandish RUGGED ROAD Single was set to air in over forty countries and played on over four hundred stations worldwide and available on most major music retailer’s platforms.

Friday, March 13, 2020

My Luv Notes

You Don't Own me - My Luv Notes

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GenrePop - R&B
LocationUnited States
LabelMy Luv Notes
Songwriter/PublisherStephanie Hoochman

You Don’t Own Me
By My Luv Notes 
You Don’t Own Me is the first single to be released off of the album entitled, You Don’t Own Me.  I am a child of the Lord and my faith is the source of my strength.  At times, others knowing that one is strong and caring will tend to create dependency and reliance on the strong one.  A sense of entitlement is typically coupled with a lack of appreciation. People need to seek another alternative that will lead to their independence and enlightenment.  Being that I derive much love and strength from the Lord hence the lyrics, “Hands together now, you’re gonna’ find your way, look up high while I walk away…” People need to find their own strength and although I love to help people, there comes a time when I will need to set myself free and leave others in good hands, the Lord’s.      
You Don’t Own Me is also an anthem for any person that is independent in spirit will and conviction.  There are peoples that are oppressed due to societal and individual circumstances of which many are beyond their control. This song not only reminds people not to cling to others and find their own way, but it also inspires others who are forced into a dependent and compromised position to seek the independence and sovereignty that they deserve and have a right to.  It reminds you to never stop fighting for what you believe in and not to settle for the domination that is imposed upon you. “YOU DON’T OWN ME, AIN’T FOR SALE, DIDN’T FIGHT TO FAIL.”          
My Luv Notes Music and Boutique are committed to helping improve our communities.  WE are proud and blessed to inform you that a percentage of proceeds from our music or inspirational items from our boutique will be donated to charity.  It’s about the bigger picture.  It’s not about selling; it’s about the message, the intention and the purpose.  It’s not about buying; it’s about sharing the experience and the purpose. 

Thursday, February 20, 2020